OEM 15000 MAH Marine Power Source


The PPS Marine Personal Power Source comes in a sturdy water tight case. It is perfect for marine and outdoor use. Like the PPS Personal power source, it is powerful enough to start a car up to 20 times. Charges all of your portable electronic devices like phones, tablets, and cameras 2-times faster than a wall charger. Holds a charge six to twelve months. Compact and lightweight, only weighs 15-ounces. That’s 95 percent lighter than lead-acid jump starters. It will quickly and safely start your car in any emergency. The PPS is TSA checkpoint friendly. Bring your personal power source on the plane while traveling for extra power. The PPS uses a high capacity 12000 mAh lithium-ion battery that holds a charge 6 to 12 months. Includes one Li-ion battery personal power source, one 5-Volt 2-Amp USB cord with pigtail adapters, one wall charger, one auto charger, one set of smart jump cables, one durable water tight storage case and one rugged rubber shock cover.
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