Wildo Eating Essentials – Two Person Set – Orange/Tan


The Wildo Eating Essentials is a two person set including 2 small Fold-A-Cups, 2 Kasa Bowls, 2 Kasa XLs, 2 Deep Camper Plates, and 2 Sporks. The Fold-A-Cup pops open from it´s folded position to form a cup or bowl that can hold 8.45fl.oz. The Kasa Bowl is a 11.8fl.oz multitasking bowl that is great to eat and drink from, while the 30fl.oz Kasa XL is universal to eat, drink, and scoop from. The Deep Camper Plates can be stacked for minimal space consumption and measure 5.7″x1.7″. The Sporks offer a combination of a fork, spoon, and knife. These items are all constructed to be BPA free, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe.
Shipping Length: 10.6 inch X Shipping Length: 8.1 inch X Shipping Length: 3.1 inch X

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